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Print, ebooks published by CentreHouse Press can be ordered online at all the usual retail outlets. Follow the link here for more information.

The Finger

The Finger, a journal of the arts, literature and culture, enjoyed a brief starburst in the closing quarter of 2005, running to two issues. Published by CentreHouse Press, and edited by Peter Cowlam, it featured the work of writers Val Hennessy, Allen Saddler, Mari Garcia, Jack Degree, Richard Hillesley, Bob Mann, Brian Poilly, Robert Vint, Jo Larsen, and Sam Richards.

'The Moving Finger writes: and, having writ, / Moves on...'

Issue #1, Oct 2005;

Issue #2, Nov 2005.

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The Holly Scholarship

CentreHouse Press is pleased to announce that proceeds from the sale of Utopia by Peter Cowlam are in aid of the Holly Scholarship.  Follow the link here for more information.